1.0.16A Changelog


  • New system: Bleeding. Enemies can now be affected by bleeding, dealing damage over time. Damage is increased by enemy movement speed.
  • New system: Armor penetration. The new armor penetration lets towers be more effective against enemies with armor. Damage cannot be reduced below the armor penetration value.


  • New tower: Puncture tower
  • New bleed related components and talents
  • New armor penetration related components and talents


  • Added Rocket Tower explosion effect
  • Added icons for Bleed and Armor Penetration talents

Bug Fixes

  • Damage meter now shows all tower types.
  • Fixed a bug where Pellet Tower projectiles couldn't hit enemies.
  • Fixed a bug where Stealthing enemies would constantly restealth.


  • Slightly reduced Large Enemy hitpoints
  • Increased enemy Hitpoints
  • Decreased enemy Armor

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