1.0.24A Changelog - Story, Save slots and Hostile Enemies

This patch adds two major game systems; support for storyline cutscenes and abilities for enemies to attack your towers. The story content will be very light, but give some kind of context to the player.

Enemies being able to attack and destroy the player's towers is a game changer. Destroyed towers will leave behind an unpassable pile of rubble, so enemies won't be able to shortcut through the maze, but will significantly reduce the player's power. Since towers now have health and armor I have a much larger space in which to design enemies, upgrades and items.

Game Systems
- Added save slots, up to three games can be played at the same time.
- Added basic cutscene support.
- Enemies can now attack and destroy towers.
- Towers have health and armor.

- Added an intro story when creating a new game.
- New health and armor affixes for towers.
- New health and armor components.
- New health and armor research upgrades.
- Added attacks to some enemies.

- A build preview is now available by holding down on the tile where you want to build.

Game Balance
- Increased base health of all towers
- Increased the health amount granted by components and research
- Can no longer demolish towers below 25% health
- Towers now gain 20% health per upgrade level when upgraded

Bug Fixes
- XP remaining after levelling up is no longer lost

Known Issues
- The range indicator when previewing a tower is not affected by added range from component
- The statistics shown for towers on the Armory screen does not take into effect slotted components

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