1.08 changelog, 7 new enemies!

Game Systems

  • New enemy ability: Armor, reduced damage taken by a flat amount.
  • New enemy ability: Health regeneration, regenerates a percentage of max health per second.
  • New enemy ability: Flying, flies over walls and towers.
  • New enemy ability: Shield, a regenerating energy shield absorbs 80% of damage taken until depleted. Regenerates 10% of maximum shield if no damage was taken in the last 2 seconds.
  • New enemy ability: Split on death. Enemy splits into 2 new enemies when killed.
  • New enemy affix: Increased Armor
  • New map affix: Increased Enemy Armor.


  • New enemy: Armored
  • New enemy: Splitter
  • New enemy: Flying
  • New enemy: Shielded
  • New enemy: Regenerating
  • New enemy: Stealthed - ability not yet implemented.
  • New enemy: Blinking - ability not yet implemented.

Game Balance

  • All enemies were given armor appropriate for their theme, health was lowered to compensate.
  • Increased cost of Direct, Pellet and Ricochet towers by 50%, damage increased by 50%.

Bug Fixes

  • Tower panel will now correctly display tower names.
  • Enemy affixes are now correctly randomized.

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